Author: Wendy Bentley of Bentley Blonde.
May 2016

Disclosure: Products provided by TOMY for review consideration. This is not a sponsored review, all opinions are my own.

I would liken my pre-baby handbag to a sack of magic tricks. You never knew what would come out of that thing next... lipstick, hair ties, tums, a rubber chicken.

Ok, the chicken might be a bit of an exaggeration, but seriously I carried a ton of stuff! ;)

After having our son Colton, I took my magic trickery one step further. I started carrying TWO bags; a small diaper bag for him, and my regular handbag. Needless to say, this method didn't last longer than four months. Carrying two heavy bags and a baby was not only nearly impossible, but completely impractical.

This momma needed to downsize and organize ASAP.

It was then that I discovered the JJ Cole Freeman in Black & Cream. A diaper bag that didn’t just scream "Hey I'm a mom!" It was stylish enough to work as my everyday handbag and roomy enough to house all of baby and I's necessities.

I love that the exterior style and color is versatile enough to go with almost any outfit.

It has 10 total pockets inside & out, including insulated easy-access side bottle pockets. The front compartment is made to hold all of mommy's essentials; ID, cards, cell phone etc.

The bag has over the shoulder straps, and a removable cross-body strap. It also includes a coordinating wipeable changing pad and Grips stroller attachments (absolutely love these!)

After 4 months of outings with the little guy, I had a much better idea of what I really needed in my diaper bag and have been able to cut down substantially on what I lug around. Hallelujah!

My mom, best friend, Colton and I recently spent a beautiful day on Solomons Island, enjoying a seafood lunch on the dock and walking the boardwalk. So I decided it was the perfect time to show you all "What I Pack in my Diaper Bag" for a typical daily outing!

First, the exterior pockets.

On one side, I have a matching JJ Cole Pacifier Pod (super convenient for quick access!) that holds Colton's paci and JJ Cole Pacifier Clip.

The insulated side pocket holds a bottle. I usually fill the bottle with fresh water before leaving so that it's ready to go for a feeding.

The back of the bag has a large pocket with magnetic closure. I carry the coordinating changing pad, and a change of clothes for Colton in here. You never know when he might need an emergency outfit change!

The front pocket is zippered, and I use it to carry a few of my essentials, including, my cellphone, lipstick, gum and sunglasses. It also has convenient pockets for your ID and cards, but I prefer to carry a wallet.

The inside of the JJ Cole Freeman is very roomy, and has 4 pockets. I use the first mesh pocket to hold diapers, wipes, and scented bags. The other mesh pocket holds baby food, a Boon Serve Spoon (Colton LOVES these) and crackers for mommy. The other two pockets hold burp cloths, teething toys, baby sunglasses, pacifier wipes and tissues.

In the main part of my bag, I typically carry my wallet, a water bottle and Colton's formula in a container.

Author: Lexi Holzberg Kritzer of Glitter Inc.
April 2016

As a long-time fashion lover and of course, a mom, I was thrilled when JJ Cole® asked me to team up with them to help debut their new Spring Collection. Bold black and cream geometric prints have long been a staple of fashion darling runways like Kate Spade, Givenchy, Proenza Schouler, Rachel Zoe, and Carolina Herrera. New York Fashion Week was filled to the brim with black and cream for Spring. JJ Cole is bringing that bold fashion move to their Spring Collection in the best way: one very awesome diaper bag (that looks just like a purse, straight off the runway.)

I chose the JJ Cole Satchel Diaper Bag in black and cream, and I couldn’t be more in love. Though trust me, I had a hard time deciding just which bag I would make mine. JJ Cole’s stylish new diaper bags are adorned with patterns and prints tied to on-trend fashions seen in looks coming down the runway. Fashion, style and utility are built right into the fabric of all of JJ Cole’s bags, making them perfect for modern parents who prefer to carry a luxe designer tote vs. a traditional diaper bag. Thank goodness for that! We took our new satchel diaper bag for a fashionable spin on a busy day out with the family (ice cream and errands.)

JJ Cole diaper bags look more like a handbag than a diaper bag, but are lightweight (so nice!) and plenty functional. The Satchel Diaper Bag’s many pockets help me easily organize my keys, wallet, cell phone, snacks, diapers, a change of clothes (for my oh so messy toddler), even an adorable matching changing pad, but all of it is tucked away in a chic bag so I’m not sacrificing style for function. Even the side pockets on the bag – which are amazingly deep and insulated and perfect for holding juice boxes, bottles, and sippy cups – lay flat and are barely noticeable on the bag.

The satchel diaper bag is also wide, rather than deep. Sometimes diaper bags can feel like a bottomless pit, but not with the satchel bag. Though the bag appears relatively slim, it actually boasts plenty of room width-wise and keeps things more accessible.

And by the way: the JJ Cole Satchel Diaper Bag comes with grips™ stroller attachments so you can hook your diaper bag onto your stroller handles. You can either keep them in one of the many pockets of the bag, or you hang them from the sides of the bag. And fret not: the stroller attachments easily fit on any type of stroller handles. It is so nice to be able to grab something from the diaper bag while out and about without having to blindly dig around underneath the stroller trying to find what you’re looking for. I cannot sing their praises enough. Built in stroller attachments = life changing

Typically I use only the long strap on a bag – I find it easier than trying to carry a heavy bag by too-short handles – but that’s not at all the case with the JJ Cole Satchel Diaper Bag. The padded shoulder strap is fantastic, but even the handles are plenty long and can be held or comfortably worn on the shoulder.

In case you were wondering: ice cream after a busy afternoon of errands was ah-mazing.

And having a super organized diaper bag to easily grab wipes for the ice cream aftermath saved the day.

Author: Shelley Coates of How She Does
April 2016

Did you catch New York Fashion Week? The spring trends for 2016 are so beautiful! Lovely garden prints, blush pinks, white lace, and stunning aqua fabrics are what celebs and fashionistas everywhere are donning to meet girlfriends for coffee and shopping. The thing I love most about these spring trends is that they’re so feminine.

Marchesa (co-owned by fashion designer Georgina Chapman and former model Keren Craig) had one of my favorite NY Fashion Week runway shows. Marchesa’s emerging trend of flowing aqua dresses highlighted femininity and beauty, and I just fell in love. Hooray for aqua!

That’s a huge reason I was so thrilled to try out the JJ Cole® Aqua Radian Bucket Tote Diaper Bag, part of their new spring 2016 diaper bag collection – it’s right on-trend with gorgeous aqua designs introduced by Marchesa, Kate Spade, and Marc Jacobs.

This bag and all of its aqua-ness is lovely. Just gaze a moment…

Pretty, huh?

Sometimes I feel like people expect you to throw fashion out the window when you become a mom. Mom jeans…we’ve all heard of ’em. Sweatpants…serve an occasional purpose. Baggy shirts…aren’t doing anyone a favor.

Despite what anyone else says or believes, you can be a HOT mom – a fashionable mom, at that! And feeling sexy can start simply with your bag.

JJ Cole diaper bags are bringing the sexy back to the tired old mom tote. Not only are they functional (think pockets in all the right places), but they are an accessory every modern mom wants on her shoulder. JJ Cole diaper bags look more like a handbag than a diaper bag. Score for fashionista mamas!

After thoroughly testing this bag, and I mean putting it through the ringer with FIVE kids, I have to say it is pretty much perfect. It has pockets to hold everything I need: my phone, tablet, car keys, diapers (of course), a change of clothes (for baby girl), you name it, there’s a space for it!

One of my favorite features is that it’s water resistant and so easy to clean! Okay, just kidding; my absolute favorite feature is the silver shoulder strap. Silver and aqua are divine together.

And fashion doesn’t stop at the Aqua Radian Bucket Tote. JJ Cole’s entire 2016 collection of stylish diaper bags are eye candy with patterns and prints you could find coming down the runway of any leading fashion designer.

If you’re a gal who’s sworn off mom jeans, JJ Cole bags are for you. They combine fashion, style, and functionality, making them perfect accessories for modern mamas who prefer to carry a luxe designer tote over frumpy, traditional diaper bags. Check out all of their gorgeous, fashion-forward diaper bags here and then find your runway lady!

Author: Jessica Fay of Lipstick, Heels, & A Baby
April 2016

Whether you are a new mom or an extremely experienced mom, we all know the importance of having a practical, yet a stylish diaper bag. No one wants to carry around a huge plastic-looking bag full of diapers, wipes and bottles. We need something stylish, in trend, easily washable and organized. JJ Cole® understands this need for moms and keeps that in mind in every bag they make. They have a spring and summer print for every mom out there.

JJ Cole’s stylish new diaper bags are adorned with patterns and prints tied to on-trend fashions seen in looks coming down the runway of leading fashion designers. After seeing so many bold and bright prints at NYFW last September for this spring, I knew that was exactly what I needed in my diaper bag for spring this year. I wanted something bright and fun without being childish or over the top. The bright yellow color in my diaper bag is bold enough to go with any outfit whether it "matches" or not. It screams confidence, style and practicality. I love that I can wear it with a neutral outfit to add a pop of color, or any other solid color to give my outfit a color blocking effect. Fashion, style and utility are built into the fabric of all of JJ Cole’s bags, making them perfect for the modern mama who would prefer to carry a luxe designer tote vs. a traditional diaper bag.

Author: Elisabeth Earnshaw of Bella The Blog
April 2016

Yesterday Lincoln and I found ourselves with half an hour between appointments and meetings while out and about. There wasn't time to run home and it was too cold to play at a park so when I spotted a little bakery we pulled into the parking lot for a mid-morning snack. As we chatted between bites of pasta salad and chocolate chip muffin (about deep things like the fan spinning above us or the olive he was eating), it was fun to realize he is growing into his own person. Looking back, so much of his personality has been evident from almost the beginning but now it is shining through more than ever.

Over the weekend we took some snaps on a slightly colder similar outing (that Ben was invited to, and not just to take the pictures) to watch the cars and the birds downtown. I packed some of his favorite snacks (we just introduced goldfish and I'm not sure who is more excited to have the little fish in the house, Lincoln or Ben) and essentials in our new JJ Cole® diaper bag.

JJ Cole recently launched their spring line, filled with the same bold patterns we saw last fall at NYFW in shows like Valentino and Max Mara. All of their new diaper bags are as stylish as they are functional, looking to on-trend prints for design inspiration (because when it’s the one bag you tote around the most, you might as well get one you like!). I also really love the silhouette of the JJ Cole All-Around Messenger Bag, the style is something I'd use even when I'm leaving Lincoln at home because it just looks like an on-trend tote.

P.S. Lincoln clearly has good taste because of all my bags, this is his favorite to try and carry around. He loves the colors and I've found him with the strap around his shoulder, pulling it across the entryway. He hasn't figured out the magnetic closure (which makes for much more quiet opening + closing than zippers) to sneak any snacks yet, but it is just a matter of time.

Author: Amanda Saiontz Gluck of Fashionable Hostess
November 2015

In making my fall shopping list of musts and lusts I knew that being on-trend when out with the babes was equally as important as when out with the gals. So two of my mama essentials that needed updating were my diaper bag and my stroller warmer. This spring, I had the super preppy print JJ Cole Camber Bag in Navy Arbor slung over my shoulder for most of the season, but for fall I wanted something with a more muted pattern, and in a more versatile color.

After browsing through a large variety of styles and colors, I decided to switch to JJ Cole’s Heather Grey Caprice Diaper Bag. With sleek, thin straps, it looks more like a luxe designer tote than a diaper bag, which I happen to love because there are so many days where I am out all day with the kids shopping at the mall or at a family gathering, where I want something that doesn't clash with my outfit {and totally scream baby!}.

Fashion Editor Danielle Prescod recently wrote in her Fall trend guide for Elle, “monochromatic in grey is pretty much the chicest thing you can do.” Taking its cue from this trend as well as the endless grey tones on fashion runways, the JJ Cole Caprice in grey seemed to be calling my name. Beyond its chic look, from a parenting perspective the JJ Cole Caprice Bag is everything. It has endless compartments for diapers, wipes and even an insulated area for toting milk or bottles {or lipstick and sunglasses!}

Then for my walking dates I needed a new Bundleme. {For those of you who aren't familiar with this contraption, it is life changing. I am always worried my baby will be cold and he is constantly kicking off blankets I put on him, or worse, screaming about the ones I try to tuck around him, so this is literally a blanket / sleeping bag you strap on the stroller and plop the kid inside of.} When I lived in New York City I did SO much walking and saw Bundlemes literally every day there was a chill in the air during those fall and winter months – and, in a full spectrum of colors and patterns. Now that I’ve moved to the warmer climate of Nashville, I don’t see the classic Bundleme quite so often- although, there are new lighter weight Muslin and Sporty versions I hope catch on here! For when the Nashville weather does dip down into the cooler temperatures, I figured I should tone down my pattern a bit, so I opted to stick with the on-trend grey color scheme and chose an Urban Bundleme in "Ice" the right amount of subtle and stylish embroidered quilting on the outside, the Bundleme is something Brooks and I are looking forward to using on all of our winter adventures – making the parkway my own personal runway with JJ Cole’s on-trend styling.